Testimonials - Penny Brown

Penny Brown

Anne Marie Horne

Penny (MSB) does the deal with expertise and finesse.  She has assisted me in handling the stresses and pressures of buying and selling properties and does so with lots of grace and good humour.  Client service par excellence.

Toronto, ON

Shoshana Paice

I recently bought a condo and sold my house using Penny and Richard as my agents.  They, along with everyone on their team, were consistently helpful, professional and very pleasant to deal with.  those things were great perks but the really imporant thing was that, with their help and advice, I found a perfect place to live and then sold my house.  The timing was good and I am happy witht he prices that I bought and sold for.

Toronto, ON

Esther Brown

Penny was terrific dealing with the sale ofy family's commercial property.  It had been ino ur family since the 1950's.  It was complicated by development agreements and partners in the building.  She never wavered over a long process and at the end, all family members were happy.  Quite an accomplishment!

Toronto, ON

Robert Cimetta

Penny was a pleasure to work with and I look forwad to working with her onward.  Her professionalism, market awareness, and attention to detail were very valuable in this constantly evolving Toronto Market.

Toronto, ON