Buying & Selling - Penny Brown

Penny Brown

Why Choose Penny?

If you're thinking of sellng, she knows how to bring out the best in your home and showcase its potential.  She is an extremely effective negotiator and always works to achieve the most value for her clients.  If you are buying, her understanding of what consitutes real value and the experience with neighbourhoods throughout the City becomes an enormous benefit to you in your search for a new home.

Why Choose Sotheby's?

Two words....Extaordinary Marketing.

The commitment to you is simple: We deliver marketing and service of exemplary quality, regardless of your home's price range.

In an era where over 90% of homebuyers are using the Internet in their real estate search (National Association of REALTORS, 2013), Sotheby's International Realty receives over 80 million impressions on-line annually.

We are the only real estate company to have exclusive relationships with local, national and international publications such as The New York Times and The Robb Report, which are otherwise cost prohibitive for many of our clients and other real estate companies.

In addition to the basic services available through other real estate companies, Sotheby's International Realty Canada will build a Customized Marketing Plan for your home that is tailored to reach the most relevant and qualified buyers through online, social media, mobile, print and traditional marketing.